It’s that time of year again - Detox Time


It’s that time of year again when people try to  make up for their dietary misgivings during the summer.  More and more people are turning to detoxifying as a way to jump start their health for greater energy, weight loss, and improved health. Detoxification can spell the difference between energy and fatigue, health and illness.

Toxins disrupt the normal healthy flow within your body, leaving you feeling fatigued, sore and depressed.  They can also lead to serious illnesses, such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes and allergies.  There are literally thousands of toxins and harmful synthetic chemicals in your food, air, water, homes, and workplaces.  In the course of a day, you are exposed to toxic pesticides, herbicides, petrochemicals, industrial chemicals, food colors and additives, stress hormones and a host of other toxins that could be compromising your health.

I’m still amazed at the number of naysayers who tell me that detox isn’t necessary or doesn’t work–I’m sure I’ll hear from some of them in the comments.  I ask them why their body insists on detoxing every minute of every day.  Without ongoing detoxification, our bodies would deteriorate and, ultimately, die.  We need detoxification to live. By eating a healthier diet and following a better lifestyle, we are simply removing obstacles to allow our natural detoxification abilities to ramp up their ability to eliminate harmful substances and restore the body’s natural healing ability.

The ThinTea products are a perfect detox program to jump start your healthy living and improve your bodies health. Give ThinTea a try today, you certainly will be happy you did!

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